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East Hendred Museum

Champs Chapel Museum of East Hendred

Champs Chapel, built in 1453 for Carthusian monks, contains a selection of East Hendred Heritage Trust’s collection of village artefacts, pictures, documents, books and photographs most of which can be viewed on computer if not on display. Separately housed is the 19th century village fire engine.

Click on the links above to open subsections which will tell you more about the history of our building and collection, the easiest way of getting to East Hendred and our Museum from anywhere in the UK and what options we have for disabled visitors.

You must appreciate the fact that our Museum is very small and is run purely by volunteers. So despite all our efforts to provide the best and entertaining service, we can not compete with larger and more commercial establishments. But if you'd bear with us, we'll make it worthwhile.

Opening Hours:

April to October: every Sunday 2.30-4.30pm (from 29th April 2018 to 28th October 2018)
All other times: closed but available through request

Admission - Free, but all donations are most welcome as we rely mostly on public support to keep on operating.

Champs Chapel Museum is accredited by the Arts Council England
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